10 Awesome DIY Composting Toilet Ideas That Will Amaze You!

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You and Nature’s Choice On Toilet!

People travel for a variety of reasons. Some do it for leisure, while others do it for work or education. However, for a travel event to be successful, one must be able to prepare everything ahead of time to avoid issues both during and after the event. When people think about planning, they usually think of foods, beverages, a travel pillow, and other standard items. However, a long road trip, especially if going through a deserted area, will necessitate food and beverages and a portable toilet to respond to nature’s call. A portable toilet may appear costly, but at GoCompost, we prioritize your budget; therefore, we recommend items you can make yourself. So worry not as we show how DIY Composting Toilet is done.

Flush toilets have been around for hundreds of years. Furthermore, it has been poisoning our environment for centuries. Water supply is limited and is abused in the toilet work. Disregarding cleaning the septic tank underneath could pollute the groundwater, posing a threat to people and other living things. Luxury such as this is progressively wreaking havoc on our environment, and it will soon come back to haunt us. Stop waiting and get started now, before it’s too late. It’s time for us to take responsibility for our own dirt and contribute to preserving nature and protecting our future.

A composting toilet is an excellent alternative for home toilets. Unlike flush toilets, it is adored by nature since it is entirely environmentally benign, from its materials to its utilization.

What is a Composting Toilet?

A composting toilet is a composting tool that gathers and composts human feces. It’s a fantastic technique to turn trash into organic material. Composting toilets remove odor and use substantially less water than standard toilets by mixing waste with other materials. It is also portable and does not require any plumbing, so traveling is not an issue.

Composting is a natural process that converts organic waste into valuable compost materials. We usually only consider kitchen waste or leaves when we think of composting. A composting toilet naturally processes human waste turning it into valuable compost materials. Some people believe that regular toilets stink worse than composting toilets. The segregation of liquid and solid waste, the carbon-rich substance mixed with garbage, and the venting mechanism that dries the waste and releases gases from the system are the keys to decreasing odors. Composting toilets is not a fresh idea, and many people use them because of their cost-effectiveness and environmental friendliness. Those of us who have never used one, though, is likely to have certain misunderstandings.

There are a variety of reasons why people opt to have a composting toilet in their home. It’s often a more cost-effective choice than connecting to a sewer or digging a septic tank. Others may be passionate about water conservation and maintaining an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

3 Amazing DIY Composting Toilet Ideas

Why not create your composting toilet instead of wasting money on a composting toilet you can get online? It’s simple to do, enjoyable, and will keep you from spending unprofitable expenses.

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Bucket Compost Toilet

If you don’t care about the appearance and want to have your composting toilet as soon as possible, start gathering broken/unbroken buckets. Instead of trying to find fancy and expensive materials for your DIY composting toilet, why not try buckets (Free and Sturdy)! The materials you only need are average-size buckets, a box more extensive than your buckets, and bulk materials.

Because you’ll always need standby for switching out, you’ll need four buckets. For each toilet, you use, bring more than two buckets. The frame is optional, but it adds stability and may be constructed from spare wood.  Simply pop the bucket cover on, toss in the first layer of bulk stuff, then put it in the box, and you’re done. If you’re still not comfortable, try adding toilet seats.

Chair Compost Toilet

Many people want to regain the feeling of relaxation from a chair while releasing feces. However, due to the hardness of the tank at the back of the toilet, most flush toilets are unable to provide the comfort they want. But making your composting toilet out of your favorite chair will surely bring the unique feeling you’ve been waiting for! Just make a hole large enough for your waste not to spill, then place a container beneath it (you can connect it with the chair, it depends on you), and lastly, a cover at the top for your comfort. Also, you have to put bulk materials beforehand to prevent a bad smell.

Dog House Compost Toilet

Your dog is begging you for a new house, so you have to buy/make one. You have no use for the old dog house but don’t discard it as you can use it for a DIY composting toilet.

First, you have to replace the roof with plain wood and make sure that the whole structure is stable. Then you have to make a hole in the wood you just attached, put a container underneath, and add all the other things you need. If that’s not enough, add a comfortable seat above for a better toilet experience.

As you set up your composting toilet and prepare to make the change, you should familiarize yourself with utilizing it properly. Though the process of going to the bathroom will remain unaltered, you will be accountable for overseeing the organic wastes instead of mindlessly flushing. It may take some time to retrain yourself to make this daily habit, but trust me, you can do it.

DIY Composting Toilet - You - Go-Compost

Is it necessary for everyone to change to composting toilets? Many people will respond no to this question. It’s the equivalent of attempting to amend a centuries-old statute. It’s understandable that not everyone, especially people who grew up with a silver spoon, has the space or physical capacity to build this system on their own land. However, if you want to help nature, then a change with a compostable toilet is all you need! At the end of the day, it’s still a matter of choice.

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