10 Easy Homemade Compost Bin And Its Significance

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The Significance Of A Homemade Compost Bin

Having a homemade compost bin is something anyone can do. Indeed, it is a great way to recycle yard waste. And the easiest way to start having one is to do it yourself by starting with what is already available. Hence, building your compost bin is an excellent budget-saving alternative to buying one. By making a compost bin, you can lower your expenditures. Moreover, it decomposes the organic waste materials. And serves as the natural or homemade fertilizer for your garden plants.

Furthermore, whether you are looking forward to building your nutrient-rich soil amendment. Or looking to send less trash to the landfill. Composting is an easy practice any household can adopt. Most likely, your yard produces lots of waste after you clean it, and you can turn these organic waste materials into compost. And then use them as available fertilizers for your garden. And in this case, you need a compost bin for this purpose. Plus, compost bins also help your outdoor landscaping by reducing trash and garden clutter or even garbage. These bins are easy to build and do not require special tools or skills.

10 Easy Types Of Homemade Compost Bin

1. Pallets Compost Bin

If you want to create your bin while recycling, you can make this cheap DIY compost bin from pallets. It uses wood pallets for the frame and some hardware to keep everything together.

2. Garbage Can

A compost bin from a trash can is a great and easy way to build a compost pile. Going quickly and without much of a budget. You will only need a plastic trash can with a lid, and a few other materials to build it. And it will only take you less than an hour.

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3. Wire Compost Bin

If you do not want to go through a bunch of construction, you can instead do it yourself from wire hardware cloth or chicken wire. Especially if you have an area outside to start a compost pile. It is easy for you to change this compost bin’s size depending on your space. Inexpensive chicken wire surrounds your compost pile, yet any wire fencing available will do. You can immediately loosen up your compost items and mixed this way. However, it would be best to cover it up a little more to avoid your finished organic compost from spilling all over.

4. Concrete Blocks Compost Bin

It makes it easy to create the bin larger or smaller. Depending on the season’s needs, keep out critters, or even remove blocks to allow more ventilation.

5. Dig And Drop Composting

One of the cheapest and easy ways to start composting is the dig-and-drop method. You need to dig a hole in your yard and add your organic materials to it to get started. Cover the hole back up, and you will have automatically enriched the soil for nearby plants.

6. DIY Compost Tumbler

You can also create a compost tumbler, making it easy for you to turn over your compost. Turning a compost pile is essential to ensure the materials at the edges mix in to decompose, heat up, and control odor.

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7. Wood Compost Bin

If you are serious about composting while building something that will last. This wooden compost bin is also an excellent option. The attached lid makes it convenient to add your organic compost. It is strong enough to keep out any animals. 

8. Plastic Tub

Here’s a slightly different way to build a compost bin out of a plastic waste container. The twist is drilling holes 1 to 2 inches apart on all sides of the container, including the bottom and lid, and then using wire mesh or hardware cloth to keep rodents out of the compost pile. You also can put the container within a second container to catch the liquid that sometimes seeps out of the compost pile.

9. Cardboard Box

Undoubtedly, it is one of the cheapest homemade compost bins. All you need to do is take some large cardboard boxes from a local grocery store. It would be best to keep it closed to prevent excess rainfall from penetrating. Or line the bottom of the box with bricks to hold its form. Hence, the box will finally compost itself. It is only a short-term solution and is best during the dry season.

10. Kitchen Compost Bin

You can have a kitchen compost bin to store your scraps until you can readily move them to an outdoor compost bin. You can purchase this kind of bin or do it yourself with items already in your house.

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Consider Building Your Homemade Compost Bin

To sum it up, If you are looking for a means to get rich soil for your garden while sustainably obtaining rid of food waste, consider a homemade compost bin. And if you have never had a compost bin, now is absolutely the time to start thinking about having one. You don’t need to buy any expensive compost bin when you can easily make one functional at home.

Moreover, make wise use of recycled materials available at home. Indeed, a good-quality compost is garden gold. However, you sometimes spend actual gold if you purchase a commercial compost bin to make it. So if you are determined to install some amazing-looking compost bins in your garden, then you need to start making some outstanding ones at home. At the same time, your garden will indeed reward you if you start feeding it with homemade compost.

Which homemade composting bin, in your opinion, is the best option for your area? You can share your thoughts and leave a comment down below.

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