Is Parchment Paper Compostable? (The Proper Way To Safely Dispose of Them)

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Parchment Paper: Compostable Or Not?

Are you among those who are fun of baking and wondering if parchment paper is compostable or not? Then we got you covered. This article will then answer your question. You will also learn how to properly dispose of your spent parchment paper in the later phase.

Because it makes everything easier for one, parchment paper has always been a highly important part of baking and cooking. Indeed, they are incredibly popular in most homes because of their extraordinary versatility. In fact, you must have at least a couple of boxes in your home storage if you decide to buy in bulk.

Nevertheless, parchment paper is a source of carbon for your compost pile and is acceptable for composting (a brown ingredient). There are, however, several varieties of parchment paper that you should avoid composting. Because there is a chance that your compost will become contaminated.

The following lists should not be thrown in the compost pile include:

  • Any parchment that is waxy
  • Parchment paper that is shiny
  • Parchment paper in fluorescent colors
  • Paper parchment that has been coated with metallic foil
  • Cooking parchment paper that has been tainted with leftover fish, pork, grease, or dairy products
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2 Types Of Parchment Paper

White and brown parchment paper are the two varieties. The white parchment paper is treated with chlorine to bleach it, whereas the brown paper is left unbleached.

1. Brown Parchment Paper

These are the conventional unbleached type of parchment paper. Because it contains no chemicals, you can compost unbleached parchment paper. What is keeping you from adding unbleached parchment paper to your compost pile now that you are aware of its compostability?

2. White Parchment Paper

These are the bleached type of parchment paper. Bleaching typically involves the use of chemicals and a meticulous manufacturing procedure. The worst kind of parchment paper to use is bleached parchment paper. You don’t want to accumulate toxins in your body right? And keeping them away from your compost pile should be your next step.

How Should I Dispose of My Used Compostable Parchment Paper?

1. Composting Unbleached Parchment Paper

Depending on the type you have, there are many ways to dispose of parchment paper. And one way is through composting. The length of time it takes for parchment paper to decompose is the key issue. The best time to make compost is 4 to 6 weeks, however, parchment paper can take up to 90 days to totally decompose. The paper’s smooth coating acts as a barrier to the compost’s bacteria, slowing the process of decomposition.

Furthermore, the smooth covering takes some time to degrade to the point where the microorganisms can begin to function. Cutting parchment paper into smaller pieces is the greatest way to hasten decomposition since it gives bacteria easy access to the fibers and speeds up the process. Afterward, you can place them in an outdoor compost bin or home composting pile.

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Awesome Tips:

1. Your parchment paper should be cut into tiny pieces.

2. The pieces should be soaked in hot, frothy water.

3. Remove them, and then add them to your compost pile.

4. In this manner, the fragments will disintegrate much more quickly than if they were still whole.

2. Recycling Bleached Parchment Paper

White parchment paper, on the other hand, is less degradable and should be recycled. The silicone coating on the parchment paper makes recycling it more challenging. This is due to the paper’s components’ inability to be easily separated.

However, before placing parchment in your recycling bin, check with your local recycler to see if your paper may be recycled. As long as it hasn’t been used at temperatures higher than those recommended by the manufacturer, parchment paper can ideally be reused.

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Since the parchment paper is a multifunctional sheet that you can use for all baking and cooking tasks, it is a lifesaver in the kitchen. Despite the fact that some varieties are incompatible with composting, you can still use them. However, there are other techniques to increase their environmental benefit. The fact that more people are starting to rethink all of their decisions as climate change rises to the forefront of our collective consciousness.

What alternative disposal strategy do you have in mind for parchment paper? Comment and share your ideas below!

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