The Only Compost Accelerator Recipe You Need

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Compost Accelerator refers to any organic materials that stimulate the fertilization process. For compost-related products, it is known as the “Activator Agent” which contains a huge amount of bacteria and fungi. The compost accelerator releases nitrogen to bacteria and fungi within the composting soil to develop tolerance to high and low temperatures. Nitrogen also acts as fuel in order to build up heat in the decomposition process.

Worms are decomposition friendly, but keep in mind that they require oxygen to survive which is the polar opposite of how organic activators work. Always remember that the more Nitrogen your activator agent contains, the less essential organisms contribute. So you must always keep the balance between the amount of Nitrogen, and Carbon in your compost pile for your essential organisms to exist.

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Most of the time, the compost speeding procedure isn’t considered an actual demand in the growth progress of the decomposition. In the natural process, different components within the soil run interference with the natural decay of organic substances. Compost Accelerator, on the other hand, provides the most important goal of containing microorganisms that will carry out all of the natural accelerating procedures.

Market Products

You may find market products disappointing based on how they provide no information about their ingredients. Nor give even a single test result to show that it actually works. It’s kind of disappointing how people still waste money on them when you can just make your own and see for yourself a satisfying result!

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How To Generate Your Own Compost Accelerator?

  • Animal Manure

Mainly considered a natural nitrogen fertilizer. It has microorganisms like bacteria that are vital nitrogen carriers.

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Just collect the right amount of animal manure (horse manure, chicken manure, etc.) then bury it in your compost pit and let the bacteria do the rest of the job.

  • Garden Soil

The soil itself holds the most balanced organic composition by having Nitrogen carrier bacteria, natural substances, and microbes. 

Try to look for soil that has been improved and grown for years where also different plants are thriving then mix it with your compost pile. You can also add vegetable/fruit scraps and eggshells for better growth development.


Unlock the inner chemist within you and start showing off your skills by using common items at your home that may sound a little uneconomic. On the contrary, this can be a great chance for you to consider recycling exercises.

  • Soda and Beer

Mix a glass of water and a can of beer in a container then leave it for 24 hours. Your goal in this process is for your liquid mixture to grow yeast and adapt the wanted bacteria. After that, add cola for the carbon source needed to increase the number of bacteria. Lastly, pour one glass of ammonia into the mixture to get rid of the acid.

Spray every section of your compost pile with this together with some green waste for better organic growth.

By only utilizing green products, we are devoted to saving the earth. See our compostable products and work toward a greener future.

  • Coffee

Most coffee shops consider coffee grounds to be trash, but in composting, they are well known as one of the best sources of nitrogen, and they are so simple to use!

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Just mix a worn piece of cardboard or any carbon source material and coffee grounds in a compost pile. With this, the balance between Nitrogen and Carbon will bring essential organisms into existence.

Compost Accelerator should NOT be on your Priority List

Keep in mind that you don’t need to prioritize having a Compost Accelerator but if you want one, consider making your OWN to avoid nonprofitable expenses. Try one from our list and tell us how did it go by leaving a comment down below or sending our team a message directly!

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